Campaign: XYZ founders launch new agency

Will Mould and Paul Stanway, founders of brand experience agency XYZ, have launched an insight research and talent relations agency, xPure.

xPure will focus on two core areas: insight research to inform strategy and more effective business decision-making; and also talent relations, a broad remit that includes product placement, licensing deals and influencer marketing.

Mould and Stanway, who set up XYZ in 2013, have launched the new agency with Kerry Shaw, former chief operating officer of Ruby Pseudo Consulting, a global youth insights research agency which counts Adidas, Nike, Diageo, Coca-Cola and Google among its clients.

Stanway told Event: “The idea for this agency was organically born out of a project we did at XYZ for Sennheiser where it became clear that the best way to meet the brand’s business needs was not necessarily confined to an event, but was still very much a brand experience. We have spent six months developing xPure’s model so we can best meet the business needs of clients, not just their marketing needs. We see xPure’s offering as being complimentary to that of XYZ’s services, and where they overlap presents some really exciting and innovative opportunities for brands.”

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