Google Doodle turns 20: birthday greetings from adland

Five agencies design their anniversary messages as Google’s iconic Doodle comes of age.

Burning Man festival 1998. When Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted to sign out of the office for a few days to head out to party in the Nevada desert, they cheekily tweaked the Google corporate logo to add the iconic Burning Man stick figure on the second “O” and left it as a message to their fellow Googlers that they were out of the office.


This image by XYZ’s creative designer Anna Ramsamy represents some of the global social issues the agency has been tackling as part of their work this year, as well as the power of women in the workforce.

Female employees represent 75% of the agency and also 75% of the senior leadership team. The themes of food waste and recycling reference the agency’s current campaign with Hotpoint while the natural materials reflect their work on the UK launch of new sustainable shoe brand using only natural materials, Allbirds.

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