Connector allows brands to decide who can log in to an experience and when

XYZ has created a platform that bridges digital and physical experiences after the coronavirus outbreak has forced brands to rethink their in-person events.

Connector allows consumers to explore an experience through their smartphone or computer in the same way that they would move around a physical event. XYZ will build a pop-up set that will form the basis of the experience.

The agency is integrating physical and sensory triggers as a key part of the experience to get participants more engaged.

Connector will allow brands to specify exactly who can log in to the experience and when. There is also the opportunity for live, two-way communication in the form of voice or text.

Paul Stanway, creative director at XYZ, told Campaign: “Rather than throwing in cutting-edge technology for its own sake, we’ve only used technology where it can absolutely leverage the sense of connection, the sense of shared experience, the sense of truly being interactive and being a participant, not a viewer.”

XYZ is planning to deliver its first branded event through Connector in the coming months.

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