Aston Martin – Valhalla Launch

Time to experience Valhalla: Aston Martin’s driver-focused and first hybrid supercar – a concept turned production reality and we had the pleasure of delivering the first UK reveal, with the new model interior.

Nowhere felt more fitting than state-of-the-art venue, Outernet. Boasting huge, immersive, high-definition LED screens and Pantone colour-specific lighting to match Aston Martin’s iconic Racing Green. The Outernet came alive for its first ever brand event.  

Executive team members presented an insider’s view of every detail – literally, as this was the first reveal of the car’s stunning interior, highlighting distinctive influences from Formula One, allowing guests to experience the latest model, with the chance to sit behind the wheel for the first time. 

 The result was an end-to-end guest journey with detail to match Aston Martin’s new brand identity: “INTENSITY. DRIVEN.”