Gucci Aria at The Savoy

To celebrate Gucci’s latest collection, Gucci Aria, our friends over at Hotel Creative asked us to help bring their creative direction and ideation to life at a live event at The Savoy Hotel 

Gucci and The Savoy has a deep historical connection, so it was only fitting that it was the location for a cinema-style screening of a special film created to showcase the collection, for their top tier clients and influencers. 

This was our first fully live event of the year, and it was so much fun! 


The theme was a whimsical/beautiful meadow, to tie in with the aesthetic of the film made to launch the new collection. We brought elements of this to life by taking over the Court at The Savoy and turning it into a meadow, with a giant (6m x 3m) screen looking like it was coming out of the foliage. This would never have been possible during ‘normal’ times due to it being in constant use. 

Guests were invited to 3 screenings throughout the evening and took their seats in rare European convertible vintage cars. Here, they were served a glass of champagne, popcorn and some Italian sweets and treats. 

The client invited guests by sending out retro quizbooks that, when solved, revealed the date and time of the presentation. https://www.creativereview.co.uk/gucci-puzzle-book/ 

As well as the production, we had to ensure the event followed all Covid Health Safety guidelines and regulations.