Levi’s Human Nature, Connector – UK & Europe

An extended reality experience combining physical and Digital components that connects Levi’s with their strategic accounts and franchise partners, using technology to create an immersive brand experience.  

Levi’s® Human Nature was Levi’s® first-ever virtual sales launch, where they launched their new FW21 Collection to their strategic partners all over Europe. Over 1,000 guests registered for the digital sales launch and 574 of them entered the site on the first day it was live, 7th December 2020.

The build-up included a sensory box sent out to 501 Levi’s staff and partners to create a sense of excitement, containing European indigo woad plant seeds, just like the ones used to dye Levi’s denim and the box used could be used as a planter for the seeds, a QR code to a teaser video and a message from Levi’s which could be used as a liner for the seeds. This was followed by saving the dates and invitations being sent out in the lead-up to the event.

The launch was a digital showroom experience for all wholesale partners, partner retail & all LSE employees, to experience and learn about FW21 Human Nature in their own time & space. The digital showroom is staying open between 7th to 24th January and was live moderated on 7th December. A post-event e-mail with a chance to win tickets to a virtual Gorillaz gig after-party was sent out to all guests who logged in on the 7th December and took place on the 13th December.