Levi’s Human Nature, Connector by XYZ – Online

Our proprietary hybrid digital experience, combining physical and Digital components, connected Levi’s with their strategic accounts and franchise partners, using technology to create an immersive brand experience to launch their Fall/Winter collection across Europe.

Levi’s® Human Nature was the brand’s first-ever virtual sales launch, showcasing their new FW21 Collection to strategic partners all over Europe. Over 1,000 guests registered for the digital sales launch with over 500 of them participating on the launch day itself. The experience continued for 7 weeks and was delivered in three different languages, using XYZ’s Connector extended reality platform. 

Communications began through 501 sensory companion boxes delivered to key partners, each one containing Indigo Woad seeds (like those used to dye the Levi’s® denim) and instructions on how to use the biodegradable box as a planter for the seeds. This set the scene for the Human Nature campaign creative, along with QR codes that revealed rich teaser content and registrations details to drive anticipation for this brand-first digital event.  

On launch day wholesale partners, buyers and franchisees (along with Levi’s® employees across Europe) were able to virtually explore a showroom filled with the new collection, augmented with a layer of interactive content that brought the collection and its inspiration to life. Key business announcements were also included through interactive film content, and we also employed a binaural soundscape to create a more immersive, spatial relationship with the participants, that reacted as they moved around digital space. 

Feedback from participants was uniformly positive, with over 90% responding that the experience was very good or excellent, and similar levels of positive feedback on the ease of participation and intention to engage in similar experiences in the future.