Major League Baseball – Softball S60 Series

Building a new generation of Major League Baseball fans in the UK and Europe


Working closely with Major League Baseball’s UK office, we developed an experiential strategy to engage with new audiences through a mix of culture and sport, delivering it through a campaign that began with spring training and climaxed with the MLB London Series showpiece in the Queen Elizabeth stadium. 

We created a socially-powered campaign of Softball60 participation – an accessible and easy to play version of baseball. Supported by the S60 app, players could find games, score their matches and unlock rewards. We designed an S60 Series that covered the whole city and provided teams with all the official MLB kit they needed to play like pros during a summer of home runs. 

The epic finals featured American food vendors and a Home Run Derby, teaming up with the MLB London Series at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium featuring the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. We even had the winning team celebrate with sprayed champagne and ski goggles like true MLB stars. 

Not only did this campaign tap into our extensive Live experience, we also brought significant additional value through our strategic XYZ Thinking service, to develop a Playbook and experiential toolkit for MLB to use in their expansion into European territories, enabling new markets to build up their own audiences and create consistent, high-quality engagement campaigns of their own.