The Extraordinary Expedition

From exploring K2 to creating the future of fashion, Moncler have always embraced the adventurous. Showcasing 70 years of stories in a way befitting of the extraordinary brand would be no exception. 


Delivered in partnership with creative agency Modem, the XYZ team took visitors on a voyage through the past, present and future of Moncler with an immersive, multi-sensory mountain experience.

Beginning in a gallery designed to celebrate the individuality and diversity of those associated with the brand, the exhibition was created to reflect on personal peaks and troughs. Shot by famed photographer and longtime brand collaborator, Platon and housed in a monochromatic mirror-maze, the showcase of 14 unique images each asked a collection of creators and brand collaborators the question ‘What does extraordinary mean to you?

Visitors next embarked on the expedition, first visiting the mountain room. Taking immersive technology to the next level, this space housed a huge curved screen, playing the brand film, which was augmented with olfactory effects and ambient environmental sensations of fog, rain, and wind.

Guests next encountered seven fully bespoke display cases, all representing a different brand landmark from each decade. Every display housed a unique microclimate of fog, snow, water, 80’s neon lighting or futuristic machine settings. Garments were hung as pieces of art, floating on the wall or appearing to be worn, but with no visible mannequin within. 

 The experience ended with a glimpse of Moncler’s future. A limited-edition NFT by Antoni Tudisco, inspired by London’s cityscape was gifted to guests as 1 of 500 digital pieces.



An epic, mountain-inspired expedition that flipped the traditional on its head. Held in conjunction with Freize, Moncler successfully positioned themselves as more than just a fashion brand. Displaying their garments as pieces of art, steeped in history, functionality and innovation, cemented them as an extraordinary brand with an extraordinary vision.