Nike – London Youth Games

Nike invited us to work on the London Youth Games – Europe’s largest annual youth sporting event where the 33 London boroughs compete against each other in over 30 different sports, including those for young people with disabilities.

Traditionally, participants were dropped off before the games and collected straight after. This year, with Nike’s support, London Youth Games wanted to create a space, called Borough Village, where participants and their families could spend the day, with the opportunity to watch other sports and engage in activities.

We designed, produced, and managed the London Youth Games’ Borough Village, with a mini-festival style set-up which created a social hub for participants and spectators, and increased dwell time and engagement through activities.

Borough Village included bespoke tents made for each borough, while communal areas featured a stage for performances and medal ceremonies, multi-media interactive booths, refreshment stands and family-friendly activities such as face painting and fitness sessions.

A key feature of our work was to design and deliver assets for the Games that would have a legacy for them as a non-profit organisation. All our designs, branding and infrastructure were created to be used year-on-year, be super-portable and require minimal transportation and storage costs.