International Margarita Day: Museo De Margarita For Tequila Patrón

For International Margarita Day, Tequila Patrón’s, Museo de Margarita opened it’s doors and welcomed guests to explore the enigmatic history and symbolic nature of the iconic cocktail.

The tasting gallery was a true celebration of the Margarita’s heritage and the art of the perfect serve. Glass in hand, visitors were able to discover culture, art and artefacts inspired by the drink, with every sip reflecting on the passion behind each bottle of handcrafted Tequila Patrón.


Patrón is leading growth in Super Premium Tequila, however the base is currently very small. Their need is to transcend the category & recruit from other Super Premium spirits to lead, grow & achieve their potential in the UK.

The brand is still being discovered by consumers with awareness and desire levels relatively low, as is for their main Tequila competitors. Consumers currently don’t share same levels of appreciation for (Super Premium) Tequila as for other spirits and don’t know how/when to consume outside of high-energy shots occasions.

As visitors stepped through the gallery, they were immersed in the story of the Margarita – from mysterious origins to global popularity.

The gallery content was themed and inspired by the Margarita, in a true celebration of the drink. XYZ elevated this iconic cocktail by exploring its history and origins through artefacts and the stories it has inspired. Intertwined with the heritage of Patrón and the home of Tequila: Jalisco, Mexico, we were able to showcase the product equity through authenticity to the brand.

Attendees were also able to try their hand at making their own perfect Tequila Patrón Margarita, with the help of Patrón Brand Ambassador Gianluca & Uno Mas Bartender Kay Stanley-Whyte. By linking this experience to the Amazon Pantry feature, guests were able to individually customise their Margarita to make it fit to their ideal taste to showcase the products versatility.

By producing Museo De Margarita, we were able to drive consumer relevance of Tequila Patrón, through an iconic cocktail serve whilst targeting the occasion Tequila drinker. Allowing consumers to leave with a clear focus on how they can enjoy Tequila Patrón in their normal routines.


XYZ worked in partnership with W Comms on this project.