Tata Motors EV Launch

We worked with Tata Motors to concept and deliver the launch of both their new EV concept car AVINYA, and also their new EV business – two key strategic moments that needed to establish the brand as a global innovator.

Our team developed the creative for brand films that showcased the new concept car and Tata’s design process – using cutting edge Unreal Engine studios to create a near-future world based on sensory engagement and quality of travel.

Our films worked with senior management team interviews and design studio films to become a live telecast to a global audience of media and consumers online. We supported this interactive content moment with a live launch in Mumbai, designed around the premier screening of our brand films and the physical reveal of the concept car on stage.

The film content was designed to be used as the hero brand content across Tata’s social and digital platforms, further supporting the brand intent to become a global automotive brand.